About Us

What do you want to be when you grow up?  At the age of 9, Aubrey wanted to be a marine biologist and Robbie’s childhood dream was to become a pilot.  Twenty years later, we’re still trying to figure it out but turning our lives upside down and taking a chance is a good way to start.

the year-long journey

We have decided to leave our home, our jobs, our family and friends, and our fur child, Lucy (don’t worry, she’s in good hands!), to travel the world. Well, technically not the world world, but the eastern half of the world. We’re starting our trip in New Zealand and going from there.

We’re using this blog as a platform to share our journey with our family and friends. We will be posting pictures, sharing our stories (both good and bad) and hopefully giving future world travelers good information. We hope you’ll join us on our adventure!

Dying to know more?! Then please contact us!