A Year To Remember

31st December 2015

Some years come and go, without too much out of the ordinary.  The Earth has revolved around the Sun for the four and half billionth(ish) time, and it’s now 2016.  Society tells us it’s time to reflect on the prior year, set goals for the next (which are almost always unattainable), and spend the night drinking champagne with friends, and watching Ryan Seacrest pandering to a million lunatics in Time Square.  Even those of us who aren’t nostalgic have a difficult time NOT thinking about what happened in 2015 or hoping for the best in 2016.

2015 was my year, I want 2016 to be your year.  Here’s what I learned in 2015: If you don’t gather the courage to chase your dreams, jump off of a cliff into the unknown, and take a chance that isn’t 100% certain of succeeding, your 2016 will be a lot like 2015, 2014, or any other arbitrary revolution of Earth around the Sun.

I’m not suggesting to do something crazy, I just want to let you know that if I didn’t walk away from a promising job, leaving my friends, family, things, and my four-legged best friend for 6 months in 2015, I wouldn’t have been blessed with the experiences and people that made 2015 a year that changed the trajectory of my life.

Yes, 2015 was a lonely and sad year for my 401(k), but hopefully, in the long run, the business I started with my new found courage will more than make up for the difference.  I learned how to really save money and make it stretch, all without skimping on the true experience.  I also learned that spending time with those you love is worth more than I ever realized, and I’m glad this understanding came before I left too many years in the rear view mirror.

So, raise your champagne glass to 2016, my hope is that we all spend more time and energy on the things that really matter, each other.  I encourage you to dig deep in 2016 and do the thing you’ve always wanted to do, but came up with enough excuses to avoid.  Here’s to 2016, the year that will change your life.

Here are a few highlights of my life changing 2015:

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— Robbie

3 thoughts on “A Year To Remember

  1. Jerrilea Miller

    I am so proud of you and Aubrey. In 2015 you two really lived your lives not giving in to ‘The Norm’ society expects of us. You are correct, if we never step out of our comfort zone, how will we ever realize the who, what, when, how and why of life, off the grid. In 2015, through this blog and personal connections, you and Aubrey have given many people the ability to capture a small glimpse of what it can be like to be an outlier in our society, and live an atypical life to its fullest. My hope for you is to continue being true to yourselves. Live each day of every year, for the remainder of your lives, happy and healthy. Take on new challenges in stride; cherish each new encounter with the humility God has so graciously provided you. Continue to meet life, selflessly, ‘head on,’ and harness each precious moment in a way that pleases you both, and God, in each of your day-to-day adventures, from now on! This being in the forefront, trust God will provide you many blessings, some easily recognized and others as God sees best. I love you. Mom

  2. Debbie Allen

    Happy New Year Robbie and Aubrey! I am such a proud momma bear, seeing the excitement on your faces when you recount your travelling experiences with all of us. Knowing that you both had the courage to take a leap of faith and make your life what YOU want it to be, not following the norm. Nothing we do in life comes without a cost, big or small. But all of the decisions we make for ourselves have the ability to change the course of our lives for the better or worse. You two made the right decision for you. Maybe not for someone else but it was a good decision for the life you want to live, and for that I am so proud of you both. Don’t ever stop being the unique, loving, giving, striving, helpful and encouraging people that you are, you are an inspiration to me every day. I love you to the moon and back, mom


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